One of the reasons I love my job so much is because I get to combine drawing and baking. Ask any kid, big or small, I am living the dream. Now comes confession time. There is one thing that makes me break out in cold sweat; the words, “can you make my child (insert popular children’s character) cookies” Dumm dumm dumm duummm That ¬†innocent question turns my bones to ice

A ladder fell on the wedding cupcakes. Yes, a ladder, steppies, the thing that your husband stands on to change the lightbulbs. But let me begin at the beginning. A while ago I met a lovely couple that made beautiful boxes for me. They asked me to do a cake and cupcakes for their wedding. This was my first wedding order, so naturally I was nervous and some practice carrot

Baking is fun! You don’t have to buy your vanilla essence in litres and your baking powder in kilograms like I do to know that. Some of my favorite memories is of baking with my Mom when I was little. Cooking is fun too, but it’s for every day and every meal. Baking! Baking is for special! For birthdays and Christmas and weddings and parties and high tea and all