Mmmmm…. Cooookies!


Remember that day…

Your friend upset you at school. You’re gloomy. You walk into the house. The smell of baking hugs you. In the kitchen your Mom greets you with a warm smile. There is a plate of fresh warm cookies waiting for you to bite into. You breathe in cookie warmth, and you are… HAPPY

This is the alchemy of cookies; it turns grey feelings into happy golden feelings.

I like cooking, but cooking is for every day, you have to eat to survive. But BAKING, baking is for special. For birthdays and Christmas and celebration. For the times you are happy and all your family and friends come over and there is laughter and presents. I want my cookies to capture that, the brief bright moments when we get together and bask in the happiness of love.

While I was studying for my art degree I was captured by the idea of ephemeral art, art that lasts a very short time. Art that is beautiful, partly because it is brief. I tried to dabble in it a little bit, but only when I started making royal icing cookies did it really make sense to me, I love the fact that these cookies take so much time to make, and only a few moments to deliciously be destroyed. Their very transitory nature is why they appeal to me. People often say “but they are too pretty to eat,” or “don’t you feel sad when people eat them” And I don’t, I love the fact that people can get physical joy from the art I make. That they can look at it, hold it, touch it, smell it, taste it.

The smell, the beauty, the warmth, the love of edible art.

The Taste of Happiness


How Bright Bird came to be


Please sit down a spell, I would like to tell you a story. It’s not THE story, it is just A story, a part of my story, the Story Of Bright Bird:

Some of my fondest memories as a child are of baking with my Mother.  Everything was done by hand, the only “mechanized” utensils we had was a hand mincer and a sling handle whisk.

To me there has always been a certain honour in doing things by hand, like it is somehow more proper. So I carried on in that tradition when I moved into my own home.

I went through so many balloon whisks that I could probably have made a strange modern art sculpture called “Ode to Fluffy Eggs,” but the thought of buying a electrical beater seemed somehow obscene.

After a family tragedy I was at a loss. All I wanted to do was lock myself in my room and cry and scream and stare at the wall. I needed the world to stand still in sorrow and rage. But it didn’t. My family still had to be fed and cared for. Washing cleaning cooking, none of these things cared that I was in crisis.


So I started furiously baking. And I mean furiously. I was angry, and I believe that anger is a like fire, it can destroy but it can also be harnessed to work for you. It can burn down your house but without it we would still be cowering in a cave, scared of the dark. So I threw a bridle onto that son of a bitch and I saddled up.

I baked and baked. There is a limit to how much even my friends and family can eat so I started selling the things I baked.

Strangers started buying from me. My little business needed a name. My daughters names, directly translated, mean Bright Bird. I loved the phoenix like imagery it evokes, which is how I feel about my work, like something beautiful had risen from something tragic. The name Bright Bird captured that feeling for me.

Baking cookies and working with royal icing is a very time consuming, hands on, process. It feels like an ode to my mother and the way I used to bake with her, putting a little bit of my soul into every cookie. My love, my creativity, formed into a little edible artwork.

Sweet Regards
Ester (Mother of Bright Bird)


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